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function generateBusinessName() {
  // These arrays contain lists of words that you can use to generate a business name
  $adjectives = array('Creative', 'Innovative', 'Dynamic', 'Motivated', 'Passionate', 'Driven');
  $nouns = array('Solutions', 'Technologies', 'Enterprises', 'Consulting', 'Partners', 'Group');

  // Generate a random index for each array
  $adjectiveIndex = array_rand($adjectives);
  $nounIndex = array_rand($nouns);

  // Use the random indices to select a random adjective and noun
  $adjective = $adjectives[$adjectiveIndex];
  $noun = $nouns[$nounIndex];

  // Concatenate the adjective and noun to form the business name
  $businessName = $adjective . ' ' . $noun;

  return $businessName;

// Generate a business name and print it to the screen
$name = generateBusinessName();
echo $name;

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