Syed Ali Shah is a consultant engineer who also works as a trainer, motivational speaker, business advisor, online entrepreneur, Co-Founder and CEO of AliClicks.


Completed Bachelors in Software Engineering, Masters in Telecommunication Engineering and Post Graduate Diploma in Telecommunication and Systems Engineering from Islamabad, Pak. He also holds seventeen professional engineering certifications from various engineering institutes around the world and is a permanent member of these institutes.


Corporate and Product Development, Entrepreneur, General Management, Business Operations, Strategy, Product Marketing.

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Head Office, 19140, Saidu Sharif, Pakistan.

Branch Office, 54 Webster Street, Bradford, BD39DQ, England.

Branch Office, 61421, Abha, Asir Region, KSA.

Branch Office, 8031, Zurich, Switzerland.

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Online Digital Solutions Company and eCommerce Store.

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