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The working nature of AliClicks is Virtual or Remote that’s why we did not charge any single dollar in advance, the vision of AliClicks is Customers Satisfactions and trust building in online industries.

1st Payment: Once we complete your task almost 15% then we will charge you 15% of the total amount we agreed.

2nd Payment: After completing of 50% work from your task we will charge you 50% of the total amount we agreed.

3rd Payment: We will charge 75% amount of the total once complete your task 75%.

Final Payment: You have to pay the remaining amount after 100% of completing your task.

Payment Gateways: AliClicks is using two online gateways for payments and .

Invoices: Invoice can be issue to the client as per their requirements either from payment gateway or on official letter head of AliClicks company.

About UsServicesProjectsPayments

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Head Office, 19140, Saidu Sharif, Pakistan.

Branch Office, 54 Webster Street, Bradford, BD39DQ, England.

Branch Office, 61421, Abha, Asir Region, KSA.

Branch Office, 8031, Zurich, Switzerland.

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Online Digital Solutions Company and eCommerce Store.

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